Coffee and Breakfast at Blacksmith in Houston

1018 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77006
(832) 360-7470

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Blacksmith is a place I’ve been wanting to try for some time now and Carrie H and I had the opportunity on an overcast and cool Thursday morning for coffee and a late and filling breakfast.  I didn’t need to eat anything else until dinner.

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We showed up a little after 10.  There wasn’t a line, but the place was full.  Mostly twenty somethings on laptops.  A little group of ladies with a couple of darling newborns.  We ended up sitting outside which was fine, probably better since I had two kids in tow.  No highchairs, just FYI.

Blacksmith, Anvil, Hay Merchant and Underbelly are a little family of restaurants and are all right there on Westheimer together.  Parking, at least at 10am on a Thursday, wasn’t impossible since you can park in three different lots shared by the restaurants and bars.  Helpful and prominent signs let you know you won’t be towed.  I was able to snag a spot right behind Blacksmith.  When you walk in there is a shelf of recommended books and cookbooks for sale with little labels in front of the stack of books with the name of the person who recommended the book and why.  I almost bough a John Besh cookcook.  You can also buy bags of coffee beans, and they had quite a few varieties to offer.

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The building is small but cool and not cramped.  There are a couple of bars with seating and three long farmhouse tables.  The patio on the side of the building has about six wire tables.  The design of the place is simple, kind of rustic.  I won’t describe any further since design is not my thing and I’ll sound like an idiot if I try to explain the aesthetic.

I ordered a cappucino, a sausage egg and cheddar biscuit and a plain croissant with butter and marmalade.  Carrie H had a macchiato and a croissant sandwich with bacon and egg.  I really enjoyed my coffee, it was strong but not bitter and the foam was nice and creamy.  All the food was amazing.  I never choose to eat an egg with a runny yolk, but man, am I learning to love them!  And I want those biscuits delivered to my front door daily.  This was an expensive breakfast for a girl who almost always eats breakfast at home.  My bill was $15.  Not something I’d do everyday, but definitely worth it.

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Try Blacksmith if you find yourself in Montrose and in need of a caffeine fix.  You won’t regret it.


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