Paulie’s: Casual Italian Lunch in Montrose

1834 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098
(713) 807-7271

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If you’re looking for some casual, quick, simple and delicious Italian fare, then you’ll find it at Paulie’s.  Carrie H and I went here for lunch on a weekday afternoon.  We hit it right at noon and the place was busy but not overly crowded.  You order at the counter at Paulie’s and wait for your food, which didn’t take long.  There aren’t any waitstaff, which makes the experience different than a sit down restaurant, a little less expensive, and faster.  But we didn’t ever feel rushed, no one hovering around our table snatching up plates as we finished.

The parking lot is small and it was full when we got there, so we had to park down the street and walk a little bit.  Not a huge deal.  Parking in this area of Houston isn’t in abundance, I would’ve been surprised to park in the lot.

We stuck with typical lunch fare today.  We shared a small Italian family salad and an Italian hoagie.  It was a good amount of food to split between the two of us.  The thing we both found ourselves raving about was the salami which was thankfully in the salad and on the hoagie!  I could’ve just eaten pieces of that for lunch and been perfectly happy.  The hoagie bread was wonderfully chewy and had good flavor on its own.  All the ingredients on the sandwich stood out but also complimented each other.  The Italian potato salad that came along side the hoagie was surprisingly tasty.  Make sure to try it.


The salad was full of goodness.  Again, the salami!  Everything was cut big and chunky, making it easy to stab a nice slice of mushroom, a chunk of mozzarella, salami and a little lettuce on your fork to make the perfect bite.  We stuck with the classic vinaigrette, but looking back I would’ve like to have tried the black olive or the gorgonzola.


Overall everything was great.  The ingredients were fresh and it all tasted so simple and clean.  I look forward to going back in the evening and trying one of the delicious sounding dinner entrees, or going back on a cold rainy day and treating myself to a warm pizza or panini and a bowl of soup.  I can’t wait for it to be cold enough in Houston to enjoy soup!



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