Boomtown Coffee: Small Batch Coffee Roaster in the Houston Heights

Boomtown Coffee
242 W 19th St, Houston, Texas 77008
(713) 862-7018

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Boomtown coffee house is a hidden gem in the middle of the shopping district on 19th street. Or else not so hidden judging from the several dozen people that cycled through when we were there. But it was hidden from me until a few weeks ago and that’s all that really matters.  How can I tell you about it if I don’t know it’s there?!  Well, we all know now and you can give me a big thank you after you go.

As you walk in you’ll see comfy couches and chairs and artwork from local artists on the walls. It’s trendy without being too much. Walk to the counter and you’re greeted by the owner of the place who will also make your coffee. I always order the vanilla cappuccino and you can tell from the foam art on top that this coffee is hand crafted with care. So it’s pretty as well as delicious. My husband ordered a triple espresso and he said it was over extracted but he used to work in the coffee business so he would know. Plus as we’ve discussed before… snob.

The deliciousness of the coffee aside, I come for the muffin of the day. I’ve had strawberry blueberry and blackberry lemon with a walnut streusel. But my favorite so far is the Morning Glory. It was dense and moist filled with several different kinds of nuts, carrots, coconut and raisins. Seriously divine. The husband had egg and bacon on the flakiest croissant I’ve had in ages if you need a little protein to start your day. They have a few lunch options and a selection of teas if coffee isn’t your thing although if it isn’t we should talk.

Relaxing atmosphere, delicious coffee and superb treats. Next time you’re in the neighborhood stop in and if you’re not in the neighborhood stop in anyway.



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